Look what I got

My husband wanted to commemorate our first date (which I had forgotten about).  So this is what he got me.





Yes, I was the recipient of one of Katie’s Cakes.  I have her book marked on the right.  I admire her work alot.  Last spring she came and did a hands on demonstration for my girls scout troop.  Ever since then Jemma is a big fan of Katie’s Cakes.  Jemma checks her blog frequently.  Check out her blog where she posted her thoughts about making my cake.










The details are fantastic.  She put 2 pigs, 3 horses and 7 ducks.  The space needle is the thing sticking up and tracks for a ride.  There is several food boths and on says fried cheese.  It was really hard to decide where to cut the cake, but it tastes great.

 We have known each other for 20 years.  Our 18 anniversary was in Aug.   Our first date we went to eat at Harry Bears where we ate fried cheese and fried peaches.  If anyone wants to know, there is a Harry Bears in Moore that still serves the fried cheese and fried peaches.  After that we went to the state fair.  We went through all the animal exhibits, but I don’t think we rode any rides.  Bill does really thoughtful stuff like this everyonce in a while.  Some of his guy friends say that he makes the rest of them look bad.  Especially when he gave me a cruise for Christmas last year.

We had the Haskew’s (our missionaries in Vienna, Austria) over last night for supper.  Amanda was excited that she got to enjoy a piece of Katie’s Cakes, since she has only been able to look at them on the web.

7 Responses to Look what I got

  • Marilyn says:

    Wow Bill – way to go!

  • Mimi says:

    How cute! I thought that looked like the Space Needle on top, but couldn’t make the connection between it and the OK State Fair. I loved the blue ribbon on the cake. Well, trying to get everything done for our county fair.

  • Kelly T says:

    So very cute! Really thoughtful, Bill! No fair putting down Ben for his “clandestine post” after you did this. ha ha.

  • Lindsy says:

    Oh that is very nice. I have tasted Katie’s Cakes, but never received one. Happy 1st Date Anniversary!

  • Wow! That cake was for you? I saw it this weekend and thought it was amazing! Amanda got to enjoy it, too, that is great!!! Miss you guys…reminds me of quilting class…though I am sure that floor is finished by now!

  • Rachel says:

    Beautiful cake and so thoughtful of Bill. I LOVE that your first date was to the OK state fair! Ha! Shawn and I took many dates there, but not our first. Gotta love the OK state fair. Mmm! I’m all the sudden craving a funnel cake.
    (Wow, it must be late, because I almost typed “craving a funnel cone”. Who craves a funnel CONE? I better go to bed.)

  • Holly Austin says:

    So thoughtful!! He needs to put Jason back in his class!

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