House Guests

We’ve had a few house guests lately.  My parents were here the weekend before Labor Day.





Here they are having a Wii bowling tournament with the kids.





They also had Wii golfing and tennis tournaments.  Bill and I were both working so it was nice that they could come and watch my kids.  They also went and had lunch with my sister a couple of times.  They were also here to see Will’s first middle school football game.




We also had the Hensal’s, our missionaries in Vienna, Austria for lunch one day along with another couple from church.





It was very cute to watch Cotter Hensal ask this big guy Will to sit by him when he ate.





Then Labor Day weekend, the guy that performed our wedding ceremony, and his family, came to take their daughter on a visit to OC.  It was fun to have them stay with us since we haven’t seen them since Justin was a baby.  They moved to Texas the summer of ’08 from West Virginia.  We were at the same LTC convention in April and didn’t know it.

2 Responses to House Guests

  • Lindsy says:

    Good grief your house as been a hotel the past couple weeks. I had no idea so many people were over there, and I walk past your house every day! I’m a bad neighbor.

  • Mimi says:

    I showed Sharon your blog yesterday when she was here for a perm. When she saw the picture of me, she thought she was looking at herself. Maybe because she had given me the shirt and tank top.

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