Yeah for long weekends!

Now that I have a long weekend where I don’t have to work, I am hoping to get some quilting done. 


In the mean time I thought I would post pictures of my fall quilts I hung up last night.





This quilt was a block exchange class.  My older sister, Beth who lives in WI, saw this quilt when she visited 2 years ago.  She really wanted to make the quilt, but the quilt shop wouldn’t sell the pattern.  So I took the class for Beth and Imyself.  We choose blocks to make, you made enough for everyone that was in the class, and then we exchanged them at another class.  Except for Beth I didn’t know anyone else that was in the class.  I would some day like to make this with my quilting friends.





This quilt started as a lottery block quilt from the Edmond Quilt Guild.  You made the as many churndash blocks as you wanted, for every block you got a ticket.  If your ticket was drawn you got so many blocks.  I didn’t actually win, I just had a lot of fun making the blocks, so I made enough for my own quilt.





The quilt on the left is a table runner and the one on the right is a small wall hanging.





This quilt is made from Thimbleberry fabric and  pattern.  I think I made this quilt about 10 years ago.

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