After my own heart



Jemma went to quilt camp at church this week.   She loved it.  As soon as she got home after the first day she wanted to pick out fabric for her next quilt.  We found some in my stash.





We bought her, her sewing machine while we were in WI at an auction for $20.  She practiced on it at my parents house and couldn’t wait for quilt camp.





Here’s Barbara helping Jemma sew her rows together.





Here’s the finished quilt along with her friend Madelynn’s.


After she chose the fabric for her quilt at Hobby Lobby, she went around and said she wanted her next quilt to be pink and brown and the next quilt after that she wanted to make blue and brown like Madelynn’s. 


When we were in SD, Bill let Jemma and I stop at a quilt store.  Jemma and I have a deal that she can get a fat quarter.  Bill didn’t know this deal, and while I was looking around he asked if Jemma could get some fabric, I said yes.  He talked her into some really soft, plush fabric.  Little did he know that it was Minkie and $18 a yard.  After we left the store I told him about the fat quarter deal and he said why didn’t I inform him of that deal.  I told him I didn’t know he was going to come into the store with us.  Usually he just sits in the car and waits.

4 Responses to After my own heart

  • Lindsy says:

    WOW she has real talent. You should be very proud. You guys could go into business together.

  • Mimi says:

    That would be after Mimi’s heart, too. The quilt is very nice. I like the colors. Keep up the good work, Jemma.

  • Christy (Elsey) Ros says:

    Hi Amy!!!! I just found you guys on Facebook and saw a mention of your blog. It looks so fun. Everyone looks happy and healthy. Believe it or not, I quilt too! I’m working on an obnoxiously loud quilt with fabric that just has fruits and veggies on it. It’s for my parents as they are always after everyone to eat right. Please go look at my facebook page to see pics of all of us and write me back!

  • Rachel says:

    Gotta love it when your daughter gets into your hobby.
    And “quilt camp at church”! I love the idea. Maybe I should do something like that with the girls from church next summer. Many of them are pretty crafty.
    Oh and I recently got Carly her own storage box for scrapbooking supplies and she loves it! I’ve been going through my supplies and cleaning out, so I had a bunch of things to stuff into it. I keep finding her with it all opened up and creating cards for people. It just cracks me up and warms my heart at the same time.
    Oh, yeah. Is Jemma’s quilt a rag quilt? That would probably be an easy project for a bunch of girls and I’ve actually made a few of them myself.

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