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Add on.



At Campo Grande church of Christ, they are having growing pains also.




They are building 4 classrooms on to of their building.  It was financed by the members.  The building was also purchased and built by the members along with help from Guanabara cofc, the church that planted Campo Grande.


This is the inside of Campo Grande.   While we were still in Brazil, they got the beams up on the roof.


When this building was being built, this part of the city required that they build a garage under the main building.  They hadn’t planned on that, so they are using it for classrooms.  After the other classrooms are built, they will use that space for a big fellowship room.

Public transportation


We rode the bus some while we were in Brazil.  We were never by ourselves.


The first Sunday web were in Brazil, our kids went with the youth group out to eat and then to the new Transformers movie.  After that they rode the bus to Campo Grande to church.  Jemma loved the ride but, they boys hated it.  Someone gave their seat up four Jemma and the boys had to stand for a 20-30 min. bus ride.  They also stood really close to others so they complained about the lack of personal space.


This is Murilo,  he was a street kid until he found Christ.  He made sure our kids made it to Campo Grande to church after the youth activity.




Jemma always took a selfie when a she rode the bus.

By the  last day we were there, I figured out the stops so we could have gotten to church by ourselves if we needed to.


One day we took a taxi twice.  It was comparable in price to 5 bus tickets.  It was just that the bus didn’t go where we needed to go.


Living my dream.


Today I start the job I’ve wanted since I was a freshman in high school.  I’m teaching home ec.  Of course now it’s called Family and Consumer Science.  I’m teaching Foods 1 this semester and Foods 2 next semester.  I’m so excited.


IMG_20140720_111442     Two years ago, MRCC have the Guanabara church of Christ money to purchase the lot next to their building and to add on to their auditorium along with classrooms.  A year later they were ready to start the process.  Then it took one more year to get the correct permits from the government to proceed. IMG_20140725_111732   So while we were there, they got to tear down the old house next to their building.  If they had handed some money under the table to the government officials things would have happened much faster. IMG_20140725_111515 Here’s the boys playing on the rubble pile.



After a couple of hours this is what it looked like.  The outside wall of the auditorium was built so that it isn’t weight bearing, so their won’t be any pillars in the middle of their auditorium.

They are hoping to be in the new auditorium by the first of the year.  Last Sunday they had 188 people attending worship.  The auditorium is only supposed to hold 150.   After the new part of the auditorium is added they will have room for 300 people.



This is their auditorium.




This is what the new building will look like.

Happy Anniversary



Happy 23rd anniversary!  I can’t believe we have been married so long.

New food experience #67


This was a purple broccoli and green broccoli salad.  It was very good.


These veggies were sauteed and served warm.  They were really good.

Most of the time I didn’t know what I was eating.  Most of the time it was pretty good.



The avocado’s were twice the size we get in the states.


They are also found on the ground.

All in one bathroom


The bathrooms were we stayed looked like this.  The shower was part of the bathroom with no stall or door to separate from the rest of the bathroom.


The shower heads are electric.  The wires exposed mean that it’s installed correctly.  If you didn’t see the wires you could be electrocuted.  It took a long time to get the water warm and the flow was real low.  If you were 6 feet 5 inches tall, you could stand under all the showers I saw in Brazil and not have bend over to use it.

Lar Belem


Lar Belem is a camp that is owned by the Lutherans in Brazil.   It is where we stayed the last two weeks we were in Brazil.  The main building is set up sort of like a dormitory.

The church in Campinas, rents this facility at least once a year for a week long women’s meeting the week after Easter.  They have also rented it for men’s meetings also.  There is a large meeting room that will hold about 200 people.


We actually stayed in the cabana by the pool.  Ha, just kidding, it used to be a clinic.  There were 3 rooms in this building, one had about 8 bunk beds in it and the other 2 rooms had enough beds for 3-4 people.



This is the room the boys stayed in.



This is the room Bill, Jemma, and I stayed in.  Jemma stayed on the top bunk.

This is where all the campaign groups stay when they go to Campinas.  I have friends that stayed here in the early 1990’s.



This is the dining room and kitchen beyond that at Lar Belem.





This room was like a lounge.  There was a TV and DVD player in this room.  The couple nights that our kids didn’t go to the bible studies, they watched movies with Robin and Allen’s kids here.


Brazilian breakfast.


Every breakfast we had at the camp looked like this.  It consisted of two kinds of fruit, this day was papaya and watermelon.  Some days we had mini bananas or tangerines.

There was usually 3 different types of bread offered.  Sometimes one of them was a sweet bread.  This meal there was actually 4 different breads.  There was usually 4 different jams and jellies to put on the bread.

There was always a plate of sliced cheese and another plate of sliced ham.  There was a grill type machine available to grill a breakfast sandwich.

There was always fresh squeezed orange juice and coffee.  They also served avocado milk.  It was milk with an avocado blended in with a little sugar.  I couldn’t decide if I I liked it or not.

Beans and rice


Beans and rice were served at noon every day, no matter where we were.  Some days we ate them some days we didn’t.  Some of us just ate rice, or beans, but not necessarily both at the same time.



Most noon meals also had lettuce, tomatoes, and another vegetable.  This dish had green beans, carrots, and died zucchini.  They were cooked, but served cold.


This day they served potatoes and pasta salad.


This was very good barbecue chicken and the beef tasted like fajita meat which was also very good.

Most of our noon meals we ate at the camp where we stayed.