Monthly Archives: July 2014

Mother’s Day Treat


For Mother’s Day my family gave me M&M’s with a picture of the kids on some of them and the others had sayings on them.  It was a fun gift.

Another project done


This quilt was ready to quilt, just forgot it was ready.  This is my Nutcracker quilt.  I used scraps from all the costumes I made for the Nutcracker, December 2012.


I made these shirts for a set of twins.  The mom didn’t want them matching since, there is a boy and a girl.  The mom is having another set of twins.  This time is is girls.

Cleaning the Bin


One of the projects we do for my parents when we go to the farm is clean out the corn bin.  When it gets so low,  it’s a lot of shoveling.  Jemma helped me do this for the first time.  The boys usually help me.  Bill gets a pass since it bothers his allergies so bad.


We got it emptied out.  Jemma did a great job, worked really hard.


Before we got the bin cleaned out, we had to take a load of corn to town to sell.  The truck gets weighed when it is full.


Then it gets unloaded, and then the truck gets weighed again.   That is how they determine how much corn you have in your truck.


This is how big the corn was on June 9th.  My mom said it was taller than knee high by the 4th of July.  The unwritten rule is that the corn be knee high by the 4th of July.




I got a few things done this last two weeks.


Jemma is always on to me about getting my to do basket emptied.  I made this quilt for a baby that was born last July.  I sent it to him in Alaska in June.


A friend of mine gave me this pattern a couple years ago after I watched her dog for a weekend.  This is a table topper.  It has a stem and leaves at the top but doesn’t show up very well with the navy table cloth.


I got this one done while Jemma was gone to bible camp.  It’s for her.  She was pretty excited I got some of my unfinished projects done.


Someone turns 18 today!


Will is 18 today.  It doesn’t seem possible that he is old enough to be an adult, or that I am old enough to have an adult child.


We celebrated on Tues. night with cake because he has to work until 10:00 pm tonight.  We had lunch all together today and gave him his presents.


I made his cake and Jemma worked on her decorating skills.


A 4 wheeler adventure and running out of gas


One of the days we were on the farm Jemma and I took off on my dad’s 4 wheeler.  I’ve never driven this one, and haven’t driven one in several years.  We decided to take a selfie to document our ride.  You just can’t see the 4 wheeler.


We are waiting for my dad to come by with his hay rake.


We spent a while watching this doe.  My dad said he thought she had a baby close, so we started looking for the baby when the doe ran off.


After a short search, Jemma found the fawn.  As we step closer, the fawn jumped up and ran away.

We took off on the 4 wheeler to tell my dad that we found the fawn, but we ran out of gas.  He gave us a ride on his tractor to the house to get more gas.