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Cleaning up from the tornadoes


Thursday, Justin, my dad and I went to Moore to help in the tornado clean up.  We helped a homeowner named Julie.  We moved rubble, looking for vaulable or keepsakes.  Justin fished her dead Kooi fish out of her huge pond and helped bury them.  The smell was really bad.  Justin was afraid he was going to throw up at one point.  She was in the neighbor’s underground storm shelter when the tornado went through.


My dad helped cut up this tree that was in the neighbors yard, but had fallen into Julie’s yard.  Dad wasn’t sure where the tree had come from originally since he couldn’t see the roots.   Julie’s house was about 10 houses west of the Moore Medical Center that was in a lot of national media coverage.  Dad also helped take some of Julie’s things to a storage unit and to her Papa’s house.


There is towers in the middle of the picture.   To the left of those towers is where Plaza Towers Elem. was that lost 7 children.  That school is where the children in this neighborhood attend.


This was the destruction 1 mile west of Julie’s house.


Friday I took Justin, Jemma, a friend of Jemma’s and myself to a farm 3 or 4 miles west of Julie’s house.  We spent most of our time walking through a pasture picking up any debris.  Cattle or horses were supposed to be in the pasture, but couldn’t due to the debris that could injure an animal.


There was as many as 45 people walking through this field at one point in time.  The farm owners are in their 80’s.


Justin got to drive the golf cart around for about 2 min. emptying the buckets of debris people picked up.


The grandson of the homeowner had 65 head of cattle delivered the morning of the tornado.  He found 32 after the storm, 11 the next morning and had to put down 11 at some point in time.  Two horses lived on this farm and survived.


This is a 2×4 sticking out of a shedd on this farm.  About the last hour we were there Jemma, her friend and I helped back up household items and put into tubs.  This woman, her name is Melba used to sew.  I helped back up her sewing machines and lots of fabric.


On Friday night parts of central OK got as much as 10 inches of rain.  This creek that runs through the farm was 1 1/2 feet over it’s banks.  So Sat. brought another set of problems for this farm.