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Snow covered

Christmas 2012 042

This is the back of my parent’s farm from the hill we were sledding on.  The hill we sled on was on the part of the farm we always called the back 40, because it was the 40 acres on the back side of the farm.

Christmas 2012 035

They got about 12 inches of snow two days before we got to WI.  The schools were out for snow days,  two days prior to Christmas break because of the amount they received.  While we were there they had another 1-3 inches of snow.  That snow was light and  fluffy, so not good for snowballs, but pretty to look at.

Christmas 2012 037

Lots of snow

Christmas 2012 039


Even though OKC had two weather events while we were in WI for Christmas, we had lots of snow to sled on.

Christmas 2012 044

Here is my mom and I going down the hill, Will is giving us a push.  It took us 30 min. to get dressed and find the sleds.  We only actually sled for 30 min.  It always amazes me how long it takes to actually get ready.

Christmas 2012 043

Bill, Justin and Will waiting their turn.