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Fish and Belly Dancing

After the Coke museum we went to the largest aquarium in the world, which is also in Atlanta.  They have an amazing dolphins show.  It reminded me a lot of the quaility of a show at Disney World.   We didn’t have as much time at the aquarium since we spent more time than we planned at the Coke Museum.





The aquarium  has beluga whales, and lots of sharks.  Once again I was sad we ran out of time.






Monday night we ate at the Casbah Restaurant in Savannah, GA.  It is a Moroccan restaurant with a real belly dancer.  We had chicken kabobs with grilled vegetables, green beans and rice.  They don’t use silverware at this restaurant.  We ate with our fingers or used the bread they gave us to scoop our food.  I thought I took a picture of our plates, but I can’t find it.  They served baklava for dessert.




They did bring a pitcher of water and a bowl around and poured water for us before we ate.  The tables were low to the ground and we sat on slightly elevated cushions.  I wondered if that is how Jesus ate and if we ate food similar to what He would have eaten.

The girls weren’t impressed with the belly dancer.  There was another girl scout troop eating the same time we were, the dancer invited the girls to join her, but our girls didn’t want to join.