Monthly Archives: February 2011

If you need chocolate for the snow…

we’ve got Girl Scout cookies to fill the bill.

I know some of you are on a diet, but if you would like to support Girl Scouts, you can buy some cookies and the Girl Scouts will send them overseas to our military men and women through the Blue Star Moms.

Jemma is singing her one hit single “Girl Scout cookies, Girl Scout cookies, Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, Eat them up, Eat them up!”

Snow Day #3 check list

Read books, check

Did some sewing, check

Took a nap, check

Slept in late, check

Shoveled snow, check

Baked some yummy things, check

Had someone else organize 2 cupboards, check

Averted a near plumbing disaster because I had to water plants, check

Took pictures of the blizzard, check

Taught the kids a new card game, check

Watched movies, check

About the only things left to do is actual work, such as laundry and cleaning.   I still have more sewing to do, so I guess I could avoid the work.   We will probably try sledding today.  We haven’t gone because the weather man said to stay inside because of cold temps.  I don’t mind listening to the weather man most of the time.

Since I missed the Dec. 2009 blizzard…

I thought I better document the Feb. 2011 blizzard.  I was in Wisconsin for Christmas when the last blizzard hit.   I did manage to make it to the mailbox, but decided to take pictures through the window, since it was so cold and windy.  According to the weather man, our official snow fall at the airport was 12.1″.

Butler, our bigger dog, went around and around the tree until he felt comfortable to go to the bathroom.

This is the drift on our front porch.

This is the drift that is in the breezeway.

The drift against the house across the street.

FYI- it was the same temperature in OK today as in Wisconsin.  I’m not sure if the wind was blowing in WI though.