Monthly Archives: January 2011

New addition to our family

No we didn’t get another dog.  Oh, and no I’m not pregnant, contrary to popular belief after I sent an email out for a teacher at school.  But that’s another story.

Our newest cousin is Samantha. She is the only other girl cousin we have.   Jemma is so excited since she has 4 boy cousins and 2 brothers to deal with.  She was a little frustrated at Christmas when they wouldn’t play what she wanted to play.

Samantha was born Jan. 5th to my younger sister and her husband.

Justin and Samantha

Will and Samantha

On the 6th, Jemma and I went back to the hospital, Jemma held Samantha for an hour.  She is very ready to babysit.

New mom, Dawn and Samantha.

The Buddy Show…One last time.

My dad had this great idea that Buddy could show up at the Family Christmas party at the assisted living facility where my grandmother lives.

We thought it would be a good idea for the residents to try and watch the movie before Buddy came, so they wouldn’t think Bill was just plain crazy.  Well, we don’t think they watched the movie, but some of the family members that came for the party, knew who Buddy was.

Little did we know, that there wasn’t any other entertainment planned except for Buddy.  That’s when it became the Arbuckle Family entertainment.  Buddy recruited familiar faces in the audience to sing Christmas Carols.  The only reason I wasn’t up there singing is because someone had to document what was going on for the blog.  Buddy also passed out presents to the residents.

I tried to explain to my kids that sometimes we do things we aren’t comfortable with to make it special for others.  While we were in WI we saw one grandmother in assisted living, one grandmother in a senior apartment, an uncle in a healthcare facility due to a stroke, and a great aunt in a nursing home.

When life gives you snow…

There was about 20-24″ of snow on the ground at my parents house.

Play in it.

 Shovel it.

Make snow angels in it.

Go sledding in it.

Snow shoe in it.  This was my first time snow shoeing.  It was fun.  Everyone tried it and I was the only one to fall.  I fell trying to turn around, and my mom said I stepped on the other snow shoe.

 This is Will sledding behind the tractor.

Justin getting his turn.

Scenes from Norman Rockwell

This is the city hall in my home town in WI.  It’s a two stop light town.  Well actually it’s a three stop light town.  The third stop light is on the very north edge of town and wasn’t there when I was a kid.  This picture was taken Christmas Day.  It snowed about 3″ that day.

These are the pretty street lights that line the downtown area. 

My hometown has and hasn’t changed a lot over the years.  The buildings have remained the same, but the businesses have come and gone.  During Christmas, it still looks like it did when I was a kid.

Happy New Year to everyone.