Monthly Archives: June 2010

Memorial Day Remembrence

Once again this year, all 3 kids put flags on the graves of the servicemen at Memorial Park Cemetary.

I missed going this year because I was working.

I made up for it today.  Justin and I spent two hours helping pick up the flags.   One of the reasons it took so long was because there wasn’t very many people to help clean up and the other reason is because they were trying to count how many flags were used in each section of the memorial park, so next year they can divide the flags out more evenly among the people who help.

What to do with one Kid?

This week starts summer vacation from school and camping season.

Jemma is at Camp Rock Creek bible camp, east of Norman, with a bunch of people from church.  I dropped her off at 1:00 this afternoon.  I will pick her up around 7:oo Friday night.

Bill and Will left for Tulsa at 2:oo this afternoon for a Junior High Mission trip.  They will be back Friday night at 5:00 pm.  Bill drove one of the church busses.  I have to get Will to Camp Kickapoo which is down by the airport for scout camping in preparation for going to Washington DC in July for the 100th anniversary of the Boy Scout Jamboree, by 4:oo.  I’m going to have to go to Tulsa and pick him up.

That leaves Justin home with me.  He will have to go to work with me some.  He has a friend to spend some time with tomorrow and Thursday.

Tonight we went to the library.   Tomorrow is church and then I told him I would take him to Braums afterward for ice cream.  We’ll have to see what we do Thursday night.  He asked me tonight when we were going to pick up Jemma.  I don’t know that he understands that it is just him.