Monthly Archives: October 2009

And the winner is……

I really appreciate everyone who does read my blog.  I know of a few more people that read my blog but didn’t leave a comment for whatever reason.


I put everyone’s name on a post it note, folded them, and put them in a basket.  Then I had Bill draw one name out.  The results were then tabulated and confirmed by the  accounting firm of Arbuckle and Arbuckle.


And the winner is……(drumroll)…..


Kelly T


(In the background Burt Parks is singing “There she is Miss America”.)


Kelly please call or email me the colors you want on your towels and your letter.  I’ll mail them to you as soon as possible.

100th Post and Giveaway

This is my 100th post.  I can’t believe it.  My goal when I started this blog was to let friends and family near or far keep up with our family.  I also thought it was a great way to scrapbook, since I don’t scrapbook with paper.  I have found I have taken a lot more pictures this past year, and have gotten more familiar with my laptop.  Occasionally my kids have even said “Don’t blog about that mom.”


 In honor of that I am giving away the following set of towels.  I will embroider a 4″ capital initial of your choice, in the Curlz font.  You can also choose the color of thread to match your decor or seasonal theme.  Just leave a comment in the comment section of this post before Monday night at 9:00 pm central time.  I will then draw the winner and post on Tuesday morning who won.  Good luck!


This is my chance to prove that my mom is not the only reader of this blog.  Thanks mom.