Monthly Archives: July 2009

4th of July Fun.




Will marching in Edmond’s 4th of July parade.





Here is Justin marching.





Watching the parade with friends.





Our neighborhood parade.





We had friends over for a cook out in the evening.  We had 50 mph straight line winds and 1 1/2 inches of rain while they were here.  My table umbrellas are back to normal after an attempt at being Mary Poppins.





Here is a couple pictures of fireworks.  I have never tried taking pictures of fireworks, but it was kind of fun playing with my camera.  I didn’t actually see that many since I was taking pictures and changing the settings on my camera.





I’m thankful for digital cameras so I could delete the fireworks that didn’t turn out.






Official Teenager

Yes, today is Will’s 13th birthday.  He is officially a teenager.  He’s pretty excited that he is that much closer to driving. Yikes!





This is Will and Justin from 2004.








This is his birthday 3 years ago.








This is Will opening his presents this morning already.





This is the unquilted quilt I am making him for his birthday.



This is all the Star War movies we got him for his birthday.

Summer Vacation Don’ts

Don’t spend your afternoon in an emergency room while they stitch up your husband’s finger!


Viewer discretion is advised.  At the bottom of this post will be a picture of his finger after he got the stitches.





He had 11 stitches after he and his table saw had a disagreement.  He asked the doctor how long he had to keep the huge bandage on, because he was concerned about flipping people off.  He really wanted to get rid of the bandage so he didn’t have to tell people how stupid he was.  The accident happened on 6/30 and the doctor said he could take the big bandage off  today.





He has been working on recovering our staircase in wood.  I hope it doesn’t take too long before he and the table saw can be friends again.  He purchased the wood for the stairs last Oct.