For Sale






You can get a cute one for $425.  The puppies, not my kids.  I have to admit that selling my children has been tempting at times.  Please don’t call DHS on me, okay.


My sister is raising the Yorkie puppies.  She sold one last night after we were there to see them.  One puppy is skinnier than the other, he’s the one that was sold if you can tell the difference.

Before and After



It was time for Butler’s yearly shave this week.  After Bill brought him home, Pablo, our Chihuahua kept barking at him because he didn’t recognize him. 



What happens when you don’t feel well?




The first part of March Jemma was sick.   She got up, dressed and was ready for school even though she didn’t feel well.  The next thing I discovered was she was laying down on the couch and Pablo had layed down on top of her.

Pablo – Our new dog.

dscf2388Are  new  dog  pablo  .he  is  cut. but  for  mom he is  a  disaster.  he  pees  and poop.he  jumps  on   the   couch  and  jumps   again and  looks  like  he  is  the   king  of  the  couch.  he  likes to   go   under  the  sun  and  sleeps.  pablo  is  funy. when  we  blow  on  him he  is  funy.