Home Improvements

Man cave plus a bonus for me



At the end of this month we will have lived in this house for 6 years.  One of the things Bill has always wanted to do was turn the playroom into a man cave.  He and the boys worked on it on Sat.   They moved 3 TV’s plus the game systems to the one wall, set up chairs, cleaned up junk,  and put up a cutting table that had been given to me last fall.  It is set up in the end of the room.


Dr. Alexander from OC’s costume shop got a new cutting table last fall and he didn’t want it thrown away, so he gave it to me.  Bill and the boys got it set up.  There is lots of storage underneath with curtains to cover the storage area.  Dr. A has to give me the rods for the curtains.   So if you need a table just the right height come on over to my house.  with the curtains open there will be great lighting.

The big one that got done.

After replacing a back door in the livingroom and tearing down the paneling at spring break, we finally finished scraping the ceiling, texturing and painting our livingroom, entryway and upstairs hallway.

Justin scraped the entire livingroom ceiling.  Will helped scrape the ceiling in the hallway and entryway.  Jemma helped paint and has done some clean up.

Now it’s time for the dreaded clean up.  All the popcorn and dust from the ceiling has to go somewhere.

The color is called Oat Cake.

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Of course we had storm damage like very one else did while I was gone to WI.  Bill had stayed home to coordinate the blood drive at church.  The day we got the storm damage was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day for Bill.  Yes, there is actually 2 large limbs laying on the roof.

He woke up that morning with his hands swollen.  He does this after raking leaves or trimming trees.  He mowed the grass the day before, but hadn’t had problems in the past after cutting the grass.

He drove his mini to Moore to show some guy and it broke down before he got there.  He called me to see what to do.  Sometimes it’s hard to give advice when you are 850 miles away.  I told him to call a friend to bring his trailer and pick up him and his mini.

As it turns out the engine on the mini was blown.  Then we had the hail storm.  We have roof, gutter, siding and tree damage.

If you don’t go out of town for spring break…what do you do?


Bill got all the paneling tore off the walls in the livingroom.   Now we are a little stuck since we need to texture, scrape the ceilings, and paint.  We now need to get scafalding.  We haven’t found any friends that have some on hand.  I’m not sure if Bill has checked into renting some.


He is about ready to put the new door in the back of the house.

I have gotten a lot of sewing done.  I’ve finished 3 different projects for other people and will get a 4th finished today or tomorrow.

The tale of one door

This is the new door that Bill and I bought this week.  Oh, I know it isn’t a door, it’s a new hot water heater for one half of your house.  We actually used the money we had been saving for another new door.  Actually I’m pretty glad we didn’t have to use any money from our emergency fund, we’ll just start saving up again for the door.  I’m also greatful that I have 2 hot water heaters.  We still had hot showers while we waited for the plumber to help us out.

When it’s too cold to be outside…

start tearing your house apart.  Since the temperature was 21 degrees F this morning, Bill decided to tear out the paneling in the living room since it was too cold to stain the door that is going in the living room.  You can see the new door in the picture, it’s sitting in front of the door that has never had a handle since we have lived here.  We have now lived in this house 5 years.

We plan to scrape the popcorn off the ceilings, texture the walls and paint before or during spring break, because we have purchased wood flooring to put in the living room.