Big boy toys

Christmas 2013 069

My dad bought a new tractor before Christmas.  He got to bring it home while we were there.  Jemma is getting her ride.

Christmas 2013 066

Everyone got a chance to ride in it.  Ben got his turn.

Christmas 2013 081

Some of us even had a chance to drive it.  This is Justin taking his turn with my brother Kent supervising.

Christmas 2013 083

This is Will taking his turn.  I drove the tractor too.  I haven’t driven a tractor since I was in high school and then I tried to avoid it if I could.  This tractor was so easy to drive, it was amazing.

Searching for a bear!

family, teacher shirts 031

When we were in WI for my grandmother’s funeral we got to have a wiener roast.  As we were going out to our new location, we stopped to see what was eating my dad’s corn.

family, teacher shirts 033

The deer eat a lot of my dads corn, but this was different than how deer eat.  There was also scat (poop) that was much larger than deer.  So they think it may be a bear.  My nephew has two deer trail cameras set up on my dads farm.  He was going to move them and see if we can see a bear.

family, teacher shirts 051

All the grandkids together for the first time.  Will isn’t the tallest, he was just standing on the up hill side.  One of my nephews is 19, and Tripp the baby was 3 months.

family, teacher shirts 037

This is all the females, plus Tripp in my family.  We are out numbered.

family, teacher shirts 083

During our weiner roast, Justin got a hold of my camera!

family, teacher shirts 095

Mason and Jeremey, my nephews.

family, teacher shirts 068

Bill with my brother-in-law Tim.

family, teacher shirts 046

This is my older sister Beth, my dad and my younger brother Kent.

family, teacher shirts 099

More nephews, Brandon and Ethan.

family, teacher shirts 072

Jemma with baby Tripp.

Shots and pink eye

WI 2013 046


We helped give the baby calves 2 shots and used an eye wash on them while we were on the farm.

WI 2013 047

Samantha sat in the end of the feed bunk for about 3 hours and only fussed once.  She had toys, snacks and some juice.

WI 2013 051

I used the eye wash on the calves and sometimes gave shots.  My dad gave shots and pushed calves in and out of the chute.  Bill pushed calves in and out of the shoot.  My mom got the vaccine ready and kept track of calves numbers as they came through.

WI 2013 060

The boys and Jemma pushed the calves from the holding pen down the runway to the shoot.

WI 2013 056

One of the vaccine’s was to prevent pink eye in the calves.  Since they have had so much rain in WI the pastures grass is much higher than normal, so it’s causing pink eye earlier than normal.   The eye wash was also to help prevent pink eye.  One of the yearling heifers had pink eye really bad.  That heifer got an extra shot and we glued a huge denim patch over her eye.  I didn’t have my camera with me when we treated that heifer.  The patch usually stays on about 1 day to 1 week.



Fire and marshmallows

WI 2013 014

This is the men making the fire for our bonfire and weiner roast we have every summer we go to the farm in WI.  My brother is on the far left, then Justin, my dad, Bill, Mason my nephew, Will and my nephew Ethan.

WI 2013 019

Of course smores where on the menu.

WI 2013 016

WI 2013 028

This is all the cousins together except for the oldes who is 19 and the youngest who is 8 weeks, both boys.  Jeremy is to the left of Will.  He wasn’t there to help build the fire.

WI 2013 031

Samantha is being a tickle monster to her grandad.

WI 2013 036

Sitting around and enjoying the fire.


Best 2 1/2 year old traveler

WI 2013 021

We went to WI last week and I took my 2 1/2 year old niece with us.  Samantha was the best traveler and was really good the whole time we were gone.

WI 2013 024

She hung out with cousins.

WI 2013 026

She hung out with uncles.

WI 2013 045

And she hung out with Great Grandma’s.

WI 2013 062

And another Great Grandma.

I’m sure my sister missed her, but probably enjoyed the break a little bit since she also has a 8 week old baby boy.

Wind Farm

GSA trip to Weatherford 045

One of the things we did in Weatherford with the Girl Scouts was tour a wind farm.  They studied wind for a requirement in preparation for their silver award.  In order to make a boring workbook more exciting we had a guy come in a talk to them about kites and then toured the wind farm.

GSA trip to Weatherford 044

Each wind turbine is approximately 262 feet tall from the ground to the hub in the center of the blades.  To get to the top, the maintence person has to climb  3 sections of ladders.  The hub weighs 90 tons.

GSA trip to Weatherford 039


1/4 section of land, which is 160 acres can have 3 turbines on it.  The land around the turbine can still be used for agricultural purposes.

GSA trip to Weatherford 040

Our tour started at the Heartland of America Museum with a video presentation on how they are made.  Then we drove about 5 miles out of town to a farm that allows tours.  Not all farmers allow visitors.

GSA trip to Weatherford 028

The blades are 122 feet long.  They are made of fiberglass.


Thank you Justin from the cows

Christmas 2012 028

We the cows that live at grandpa and grandma’s  farm in WI would like to thank Justin for his time during Christmas break to make a feed bunk for us.


Not only did you spend valuable time with your grandpa, you gave us something to eat out of for a couple of years and you learned how to use a nail gun.  Hopefully all the nails that were used are deeply imbedded in the wood so we don’t catch them in our tongues.

Just so you know, a couple of us cows tried to use our feed bunk to sleep in.

Throw them in a snow bank

Christmas 2012 030

While we were in WI for Christmas, I took the kids out and took pictures of them in the snow.

Christmas 2012 027

Christmas 2012 029

Ariel View

Christmas 2012 024

This is an  ariel view of my parents farm.  They raise crops in the area outlined in yellow.  They have bought two other small farms to go along with the main farm they bought in 1966.  There is about 400 acres all together, but some of it is wooded or too steep to grow crops on.  They grow corn, soybeans, oats, and alfalfa.  Some of it they keep for the beef cows and some of it he sells.

Snow covered

Christmas 2012 042

This is the back of my parent’s farm from the hill we were sledding on.  The hill we sled on was on the part of the farm we always called the back 40, because it was the 40 acres on the back side of the farm.

Christmas 2012 035

They got about 12 inches of snow two days before we got to WI.  The schools were out for snow days,  two days prior to Christmas break because of the amount they received.  While we were there they had another 1-3 inches of snow.  That snow was light and  fluffy, so not good for snowballs, but pretty to look at.

Christmas 2012 037