A tie problem

Dec 2013 005

The night of the boys Christmas concert, Bill and I had a dinner to go to first.  When the boys got home from school, I asked them if they were ready to go.  They both said yes.

Dec 2013 001

About 15 min. into our dinner Bill gets a call, the boys don’t know how to ty their ties.  He has shown them how to do this several times.

Dec 2013 002

Before Bill can tell them how to ty their ties, Justin decides they can look it up on u-tube.

Dec 2013 006


They figure it out from u-tube.  I don’t think u-tube told them how long to make their ties.



2 different Santa’s


I think I promised my kids a couple of years ago that I wouldn’t make them go see Santa.  The when I found out Ben had never been to see Santa.  I broke that promise.  The great part about this is that they don’t seem to remember that promise.



So at Jemma’s Christmas concert the other night they volunteered to get their picture taken with Santa.


Does this Santa look familiar?

Jemma singing at her concert.


Halloween 2013, we went Dispicable Me



This is Gru from the Despicable Me movies.  Amy and Jemma will be Minions later today!





Happy Father’s Day, Mr. Incredible


You are an incredible dad!

Devastation and how things used to look.


Bill and Will went to Moore, OK yesterday to help with the tornado clean up.  I will be taking Justin and Jemma on Thurs. and Friday to work.  Will has a full time job for the summer working for OC.


In this house Bill and Will helped the homeowner find the belongings they wanted to keep.


More tornado damage.



Here’s part of the group from Memorial Rd. church of Christ that went with Bill and Will yesterday cleaning up someone’s backyard.


This is part of the Orr family farm.  It is a big agritourism location.  They had 2 small trains, fishing pond, 1974 carousel, animal barn, pony rides, zip lines, pumpkins in the fall and a hay maze.  It was a 106 acre working horse farm.  I read in the paper they only have 3 horses, 2 ponies and 1 donkey that survived and didn’t have to be put down.  They are planning on being opened in the fall.  There website is  They have lots of school groups that go out there.  All the buildings sustained heavy damage.


This is the track they use for training the horses.


This is Justin and his friends riding the train at the Orr family farm in the fall of 2007.


This is Justin’s 4th grade class at the Orr family farm in the fall of 2008.


This was a the Orr family farm hosting a Girl Scout day in the fall of 2011.

With 2 elementary schools in Moore suffer heavy damage and the loss of life at one of them, it was a hard week.  On Monday afternoon while the tornado is racing through Moore, 251 children were checked out through the office at the school I work at between 2:30-3:30.  I was fortunate that Bill works close to Justin and Jemma’s school so he could make sure they got home safely.  None of the schools I or my children attend have storm shelters or safe rooms.  Seems terrible in light of the fact that Oklahoma is in tornado alley and tornado season is March 15th to June 15th.  Of course, OK has seen tornadoes in Feb. also.

One of the parents at my school sent a letter to my principal saying how pleased she was at how quickly, efficiently and calmly me and the other secretary were handling everything during that crazy hour on Monday.


Honey do list part #2

Spring Break GS trip and home improvements 117

Bill and the boys installed this light in my sewing storage room while Jemma and I were out of town.  The  tract lighting in this room had been hanging by a thread, literally for several years, after I tore the wall paper down, scraped the popcorn off the ceiling, textured and painted.  We had looked at lights a couple months ago at Lowe’s, so he knew what I wanted put up.

They also replaced the garage door opener on my side of the garage that died about 6 weeks ago.

Spring Break GS trip and home improvements 116

They also put a tire swing up for Jemma.  She’s been wanting one for a long time.

I need to be gone more often.

Spring Break GS trip and home improvements 001


On Tuesday during spring break week, Will, Justin and I tore the carpet and all the tack strips out of the living room.

Spring Break GS trip and home improvements 004

On Wednesday, Bill laid and glued 2/3 of the wood floor down.  We bought the flooring in Dec. of 2011, expecting to put it down last summer.  Then Bill started a year round job last summer and this is the first chance we had to get it down.


Spring Break GS trip and home improvements 114

Thursday, Jemma and I went out of town on a Girl Scout trip.  While we were gone, Bill and the boys finished the wood floors.  They look so great.  Now I can check that room off my to do list, since we scraped, textured and painted the room last summer.

Mom, come wash my dishes


Over the weekend, while I was in Branson, MO, Bill installed this new faucet in my kitchen.  He’s already installed it once at my mom’s house over Christmas vacation.  It didn’t work for my mom because her dishwasher has to be hooked up to the faucet and this new faucet didn’t have the proper attachment.  My mom said she would just come to my house and use her faucet at my house.

A win for Marvin and the pigs



Sat. was the 1st Swine Week Car Show.  Bill and Will decided to enter the mini in the show.  We debated about what category to enter the car in.  The categories were truck, classic, muscle, exotic and another one I can’t remember.  We decided to enter the exotic category.

Swine Week is actually several months of raising money for  a charitable cause that culminates the week before spring break. Each high school in Edmond has a designated week for fund raising.  Swine Week is donating their money to Limbs for Life.


The competition was 2 Porsche cars and a Tesla car (an all electric exotic sports car).  Every car had a bucket sitting in front of it.  The car with the most money in the bucket wins.  At the end of the morning the mini had more money in the bucket than the other cars.

The hard part of this was that Bill and Will had been at a Boy Scout lock-in the night before.  Will slept some, but Bill didn’t get any sleep.  He finally got some sleep at 1:30 Sat. afternoon.  They had to stay through the awards ceremony since they won.

Published and on the Shelf

During Thanksgiving, Will needed to go to an art musuem for a class.  Bill took everyone to the Fred Jones Art Museum in Norman, except me, I was sewing.   They got to the museum before it opened, so he took them over to the OU library and found his dissertation on the shelf.

Bill finished his dissertation in 2005.