Eagle complete



Will completed his Eagle project the first Sat. in June.  He turned his paperwork in right before his birthday in July.  Then he had his board of review Wednesday night before Labor Day.



Monday night his troop honored him for completing his Eagle.  We still need to have an Eagle ceremony for him.

Professional soccer game


Bill and the boys went to a professional soccer game while in Brazil.  It was Allen and Tyler’s favorite team.



The game ended in a tie.





Someone turns 18 today!


Will is 18 today.  It doesn’t seem possible that he is old enough to be an adult, or that I am old enough to have an adult child.


We celebrated on Tues. night with cake because he has to work until 10:00 pm tonight.  We had lunch all together today and gave him his presents.


I made his cake and Jemma worked on her decorating skills.


Prom and banquets

009 Will took Caitlyn to the prom a couple of weeks ago.  According to Will they had a good time.  He decided he wanted to buy a suit instead of renting a tux.  We were fine with that.  We couldn’t find a coral colored tie at the store we were at, so he had looked up on Google before we got to the store to find out complimentary colors.  His tie is actually a combination of all those colors; black, silver, gray and white. I bought his corsage for Caitlyn at Betty Lou’s flower shop in Norman.  My friend Devonne’s parents own it.  Devonne and I took our girls scouts camping in Norman Friday night, so we went and picked it up after hours since Devonne has a key.  When we go to the shop about 8:00 pm the corsage was the wrong color, it was pink.  I didn’t know what to do.  The flower shop isn’t open on Sat.  Jemma had to be back to Edmond by 9:45 am and what flower shop in Edmond would make a corsage on prom Sat.  Well Devonne came to the rescue and made a brand new one.  She used to make them a lot 20 years ago, but she felt like it took her forever to make.  I didn’t think it took her that long.  She made it the old fashion way by wrapping all everything with the green tape then putting it together.  The new way of making corsages is by using some kind of glue.  She made an off white one instead and it was beautiful.


The same night as prom, Ben went to the OCA banquet with Connie.  It was at the Red Round Barn in Arcadia.  They had played carnival games and had a nice dinner.  After that banquet they went to a girls house and learned to line dance in her barn.  He had a lot of fun.

New cut!

Eagle project pics plus more 019

I can’t tell you how different he looks now that he had to shave his beard and cut his hair for the musical.  The musical is Footloose and is March 6-8th.  He is in the ensemble and gets to play a cop.  The time setting for Footloose is 1985, when Kevin Bacon was the star.

I like this look a lot better.

A tie problem

Dec 2013 005

The night of the boys Christmas concert, Bill and I had a dinner to go to first.  When the boys got home from school, I asked them if they were ready to go.  They both said yes.

Dec 2013 001

About 15 min. into our dinner Bill gets a call, the boys don’t know how to ty their ties.  He has shown them how to do this several times.

Dec 2013 002

Before Bill can tell them how to ty their ties, Justin decides they can look it up on u-tube.

Dec 2013 006


They figure it out from u-tube.  I don’t think u-tube told them how long to make their ties.



2 different Santa’s


I think I promised my kids a couple of years ago that I wouldn’t make them go see Santa.  The when I found out Ben had never been to see Santa.  I broke that promise.  The great part about this is that they don’t seem to remember that promise.



So at Jemma’s Christmas concert the other night they volunteered to get their picture taken with Santa.


Does this Santa look familiar?

Jemma singing at her concert.


Wardrobe malfunction


Last night was the Fall chorus concert, where they honored our countries Veteran’s.  As Justin is walking out the door he says “Didn’t you fix my tux mom?”  I didn’t know it needed to be fixed.  The lining of the sleeves wasn’t attached to the sleeves.  He thought he told me it needed to be repaired.  I’ll get it fixed before the next time he needs to wear it.


The men’s chorus did a great job.


The boys aren’t standing next to each other this time.


Jemma’s school also had a Veteran’s day concert last week.  I’m so glad our schools still see that it is important to honor our Veteran’s.

Peter Pan is here!

Peter Pan 002

Tonight was the first performance of Peter Pan.  It was really good.  I’m so proud of Will for trying out for his first play as a junior.

Peter Pan 003

These are the Indian maiden costumes I made for the play.

Peter Pan 005

You can still see Capt. Hook and Peter Pan Friday and Sat. night at 7:00 pm at EMHS’s auditorium.

The tale of 2 new throwns and an urgent care visit


A couple of weeks ago this toilet started leaking.  After three tries, we finally bought the right toilet to fit.  For some reason it was a funny size and we had to special order it.  The other problem we had was, whoever put in the previous toilet, had grouted it to the floor along with the tile.  We had to break the toilet in order to get it out.


One of the toilets we bought fit the boys bathroom so we decided to go ahead and put it in their bathroom.

amys phone 10-22-13 003

Bill decided to let Will break up the old toilets in the dumpster with a hammer.  Some of the broken toilet flew up and hit Will’s hand and cut it pretty bad.  I was in Liberal , KS at the time.  They were texting me trying to decide what to do.  I recommended going to urgent care.

The Dr. at urgent care decided to use glue to hold the skin in place.  He said it was a good idea that we took him in.

His middle knuckle is healing well, the right one is taking longer.