Professional soccer game


Bill and the boys went to a professional soccer game while in Brazil.  It was Allen and Tyler’s favorite team.



The game ended in a tie.





Pick up games.



While we were in Brazil, Justin played soccer two different times.  He’s in the maroon shirt.




He played with some young people that were staying at Lar Belem.  These young people were from all over the world.  They could all speak English.  They were working with inner city kids in Campinas.  They were their for the same two weeks we were.






He also played with a pick up game with Tyler.  Tyler is in the yellow shirt to Justin’s right.



A different look at soccer.


Justin received his letter for JV soccer.  It was an interesting season.  I think Justin was trying to figure out how to play with a new set of guys and it didn’t come easy.  He played jv1 and jv2 games along with his club soccer team.


Here’s Coach Lovett the varsity coach giving his remarks.  He goes to church with us and is one of the best coaches at communicating with the parents.  Almost everyday during the season he sent an email and a push notice through text messaging.  He made the boys all sign up for the push notices through text messaging too.  One of the challenges was that the jv1 and jv2 teams practiced on a field about a mile from the school.



These are the guys who play on the club team and jv teams with Justin.  He has been playing with these guys for about 6 or 7 years.

Honors Night

Spring 003

Jemma was inducted into the OK Honor Society.

Spring 004

She had straight A’s last semester.


Justin was also honored.


He made the OK Honor Society also.  Outstanding Academic Achievement in OK History, and was recognized as a Fantastic Freshman.  He had all A’s last semester also.


Will had all A’s last fall too.  We thought he would get some recognition also, but for some reason he didn’t.

Birthday weekend

Spring 006

Bill and Justin have birthdays one day apart.

Spring 007


One of the things they did for their birthdays was to go to a Thunder game.  It was Justin’s first Thunder game.


I think I should be a sports photographer

Spring 002

I took this picture of Justin playing soccer before spring break.

Spring 058

Over spring break he had a game so I played with my camera and took a bunch of pictures.

Spring 052

He didn’t like this picture, but I thought it was kind of cool.

Spring 061s

Spring 057

Spring 065s



More boy toys.

Christmas 2013 082

Justin got to drive the 4 wheeler by himself while we were at the farm.  He was so excited.  He learned how to spin out and write his name in the snow.

Christmas 2013 079

Jemma got a ride with my dad.

Christmas 2013 085

Justin is giving his dad a ride.  Ben drove the 4 wheeler also, I just didn’t get a picture of him.

A little snow, a little ice.


We had three snow days the first part of Dec.  We got about 4 inches of snow.  It was so cold, they only went sledding for about 30 min.

Dec 2013 025

Closer to Christmas we had an ice storm.  The nice thing about it was that the roads didn’t get icy.

Dec 2013 024

The ice hung around for at least 3 days.

Dec 2013 031

I’m not sure how much ice we got, but it seemed really thick on Bill’s truck.


A tie problem

Dec 2013 005

The night of the boys Christmas concert, Bill and I had a dinner to go to first.  When the boys got home from school, I asked them if they were ready to go.  They both said yes.

Dec 2013 001

About 15 min. into our dinner Bill gets a call, the boys don’t know how to ty their ties.  He has shown them how to do this several times.

Dec 2013 002

Before Bill can tell them how to ty their ties, Justin decides they can look it up on u-tube.

Dec 2013 006


They figure it out from u-tube.  I don’t think u-tube told them how long to make their ties.



Ugly sweater winner

Dec 2013 019

Justin won the MRCC Youth Groups Ugly sweater contest.  I’ve had that sweater hanging around for at least 17 years.  They even gave out prizes.  He got a Starbucks gift card.