Halloween countdown #6 Hint of the TOP 7

#6 of the TOP 7 hints for 2011 is … This character is on TV!

Something new for the 2011 Costume!

As Halloween approaches our family starts to get anxious, but as from all of the inquiring as to my costume for this year it seems as if others are anxious too!  So we are going to start something new this year, each day as we get closer and closer to Halloween we will give one hint per day until the reveal in a week. 
So here is today’s #7 of the top 7 … it is sports related!

Interior Decorator

No I didn’t hire an interior decorator, she actually lives with me.  Jemma got all my fall decorations out on Sat.  It was fun to see where she put things.  A few things she did ask me where to put, but for the most part she had a plan for all of it.

I got to dress up too!

Our school had a vocabulary  parade.  The students choose a word then dress up like it.  Jemma went as Heartfelt.  We pinned a piece of felt on the front of her shirt and the back of her shirt that said Heartfelt.  Towards the end of the day the students paraded through the halls to see all the words.  Some students were very creative.

I went as Befriend.

All the office staff dressed up as Bee’s plus a few others.  Our Principal was the Queen Bee, our assistant Principal was Behavior, others were Bewildered, Bedazzled, Beloved, Believe  and Bewitched.  Our office was the Beehive and we decorated for the occasion.  We wore signs that said our word and the meaning. 

Here’s Buddy the Elf with Kathleen.  We trick or treat at her house every year.  Buddy said she was so pretty she should be on a Christmas card.

He also told her there was time to get on the nice list.  Justin decided to be a Bee that night.

On our way home from Kathleen’s we pulled up next to a car that had one of Bill’s students in it.  He was smoking.  Bill rolled the window down and told the student that he was on the naughty list and kept nagging the kid to put the cigarette out.  He told his female passenger that she would soon stink and be on the naughty list if she hung around him and started smoking.  The student finally got rid of the cigarette.

He’s wearing tights.

He’s wearing the required uniform.


Meet Buddy the Elf!

Bill originally ordered his costume from ebay.  The color was horrible, split pea soup and the fit was bad.  The wig and tights were from the original costume.  I ended up making the jacket and the hat.

The Big Halloween Reveal…

Halloween seems like it has become a week long celebration.  The first event is the Fall Carnival at church.  Jemma is a ballerina.  This is the first year I haven’t made her costume, we borrowed it from a friend.  Her friends are Cindy Lou-Hoo from the movie “The Grinch.”  Her other friend is Thing One from another Dr. Seuss character.

I know you think that Justin is going as a cowboy for Halloween, but he is actually going as Chuck Norris.  He is infatuated with Chuck Norris.  I don’t know why.  He’s always telling jokes about him or little stories.  Justin’s friend is going as Pig Pen the Peanuts character.

Stay tuned, I will post pictures of Bill on Friday morning.  I’m still working on his costume.  Jemma thinks he’s going as Santa Claus and the boys think he is going as a snowman.  Their only clues are the mess some of the fabric made on the floor in our bedroom as I cut the fabric out.

Check the Halloween tab if you need a refresher on the costumes Bill has previously worn.

The verdict is in

Bill got second place in the costume contest at school.  The guy that got first dressed up as Merlin along with his daughter.  Bill said they had nice robes, but fake beards.  At least this guy dresses up every year, even though he has lost to Bill for the last 3 years.


Here’s a few pictures of our kids for Halloween.





This is Justin along with his friends at the church carnival.  He was a soccer player.





This is Jemma, Trunk or Treating at the church carnival.  She is Elizabeth, an American Girl Doll.  I made the costume for her last December when she went to an American Girl Doll birthday party.  I told her last year that, that was her costume for this year.  She never complained about wearing this costume, but I thought about it later and thought I was lucky she did change her mind.





Here she is with her friends at the church carnival.





We always go trick or treating to this house.  We have been going for 6 years or so.  Bill has had this couples daughters in class.  The mother is a member of our schoolboard.  She always dresses up, invites everyone in, and has a buffet of finger foods.  She has a lot of Halloween things inside her house that move with motion and lots of fog.





This is the group that went to the house.  Will wore a cape and mask I made for him when he was probably 5  years old.  It drug the floor when he first wore it.  I also made a cape and mask for Justin at the same time I made one for Will.  They called themselves “The Tough Brothers” when they were little and wore their capes and masks.

The Big Halloween Reveal

Halloween in Review #2

2005_1031Image0051head only

This is Bill as Mr. Incredible in 2005.  He got second place that year.  He lost to a witch.  There was some confusion as to whether the teacher actually dressed up or not.


He grew his hair out as much a he could and then I had to dye it.  I had never dyed hair before.  I always let professionals handle this task.


2nd place 2005b


1st place 2006 - pacifier twins



This was Bill in 2006.  He is Vin Diesel from the movie the Pacifier.  If you’ve never seen this movie it is a family friendly movie.  He won first place that year. 


So he has won first place at school for the last 3 years.  This year he is going for the 4-pete.


Stay tuned, the big reveal will be Friday morning.

Halloween in review

My husband is involved in a costume contest for Halloween at his school ever year.  He has won first place for several years.  So it has become a challenge to him to win.


So this week we will be revewing his costumes until the big reveal Friday morning.  The contest at school is Friday since there is no school on Halloween.  So you will be kept in suspense on day less.







Dr. Evil and mini Me







Howie Mandel, Deal or No Deal


I’ll post other pictures later in the week.