Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Hope you enjoy this Amy said this would


be the closest to dancing she would ever do. 


Merry Christmas!  and Happy New Year!


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 The 5 Arbuckle’s say Merry Christmas!! 


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School Answering Machine Message

Some of  you may know that I am working full time.  Some of you may not.  Some of you may know what I do and some of you may not.  I haven’t really said on my blog because I don’t want to find out that I posted something I shouldn’t and loose my  job.  If  I could post about my job, you  would probably be laughing alot.  My assistant principal tells me that her and I should write a book when we retire.  We’ll see about the book.


I am a full time secretary at the school that Justin and Jemma attend.  There I’ve said it.  Now listen to the following link.  I hope you laugh as hard as I did.  Of course, maybe it is only funny to school secretaries and teachers.



40 year old American Gladiator – Sounds Like a bad Movie Title!


The picture of me as an American Gladiator a couple of years ago where our students raised $180,000+ for a school wide fundraiser. As part of the fundraiser we did a teachers versus students American Gladiator competition. I went against a student that recently was named the #3 running back in the Nation and committed to the University of Oklahoma after next year. Yes I say this because he did make me look 40 and I needed the excuse!    Click here to see the video BALTO Gladiator

Summer Vacation Day #?

 One of our favorite summer activities is to go to the drive-in.  There is a great drive-in, in Guthrie.  The following picture is from Night at the Museum, Battle of the Smithsonian.







Hanging out with friends before the movie started.



Will’s Solo – will ROCK You!

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I thought he did AWESOME!!!!


We are proud of you Will!

Fireproof and The Love Dare

The other evening one of the bible classes at church sponsored the viewing of the movie “Fireproof.” We were unable to stay but just 1 night later we rented it.

It was incredible!
If you have not seen it I highly suggest it. It is the best movie I have ever seen on the value of marriage, and gives a very biblical and practical way of saving as well as strengthening any marriage. I would like to challenge any husband to buy a copy of The Love Dare and follow the 40 days. It will have you thinking about your marriage and your spouce differently. The book is written in a way that is very practiical and you can keep notes in it as well. If you accept my challange then reply to this post and include your email and I would like to start a study of sorts where we men step up and show what we can do with God’s help. Let me know what you think. If you would rather email me directly then here is my email: drbill@the5arbuckles.com . I look forward to help any and all my friends and family to “Fireproof”ing our marriages from the fires of divorce, separation, and from Satan.

Rent the movie, buy the book, and get started today. Let’s see how our marriages can be strengthened by God’s Strength, Power, and Guidance.

Ladies if your husband is not a blogger then at least tell him to read this one.

Oklahoma Wind

Here in Oklahoma the wind blows ALL the TIME.  We sometimes take it for granted and sometimes we poke fun or crack jokes about it.  And still other times you can catch some locals having some fun in it.



More on Marvin



Mark, the previous owner of Marvin while explaining how Marvin

 got his name added that his 3 year old son was very sad that

Marvin had left.  Mark told his son that Marvin had gone to the

USA to drive on Route 66.  Mark’s son’s favorite movie, you

guessed it, is CARS.  I told Mark that we actually live very close

to Route 66 and that I would send him a picture of Marvin on

Route 66.  So when I did I explained that something odd

happened and that Marvin was changed.  



Bye-Bye Coaching Hello College Life.

Since the completion of my degree in 2005 I have phased out of coaching and into teaching at the college level as an Adjunct Prof.  I have realized that this is what I really would like to do full time.  I enjoy not only the students at this level but also the challenge of higher levels of Math. 


I do think however that I would be perfectly content teaching as I am at both levels.  Some of my most memorable moments at the college level has been having ex-students of mine from the high school and even the middle  school that I have taught before in my college courses.  The most encouraging thing is that not only do they want to be in my class again and actually look for my name but they are usually some of the best students in the class.  At the high school I currently teach at I feel that at times I do not get the credit I deserve from my colleagues or building principals but when students want to be in your class again because they actually learned something it means a lot. 


I would love to teach full time at OC in the future.  OC is where I received my Bachelors degree in 1991.  As of now there are no openings but at the university level it is all timing.  For now I am teaching adjunct at UCO, here in Edmond also, and where I received my Masters in 1998.

We are now Bloggers!

We hope that this is the start of a great thing. Let us know you visited.