Game Time

IMG_20141018_105349 Saturday, Bill and I got  the opportunity to go to the OU game with some friends from church.  Unfortunately OU lost, but we had a good time.   IMG_20141018_102426 This drummer is Tanner Brown.  His parents are in our bible class.  This is the band marching into the stadium. IMG_20141018_105207   Here’s the band marching on the field for the pre-game show. IMG_20141018_105629 This is part of the pre-game festivities. IMG_20141018_105648   IMG_20141018_105637

Man’s best friend



Today was the day we had to put Butler to sleep.  He’d been having bladder problems since June.  He’s  been with our family for about 15 years.   At this time it’s been harder on Bill and I than the kids.

RIP Butler.  You were the best dog!




A lady asked me if I would make bears out of shirts her late husband wore for her granddaughters.  This is how they turned out.  Her husband was an under sheriff for OK county, so one bear has a patch from his uniform on it’s tummy.

Another driver



Look who got his driver’s permit today!

Birthday shirt



I made a shirt for a friend for her 9th birthday.

6th grade festival

IMG_20140930_193956     No I don’t have a 6th grader, but the Edmond Memorial Men’s choir performed for the 6th graders.  They do it every year. IMG_20140930_194030   They sang an African folk song about taking a village to raise a child.  Of course it was very good and had some fun lyrics to it.   IMG_20140930_192140 There is always a guest director for the 6th grade.  This year it was the vocal music director from my school, Midwest City HS.

More complete jobs

IMG_20140914_134752   One thing a Boy Scout isn’t lacking is patches.  So when Will finished his Eagle, I took the time sew all his patches in a blanket for him. IMG_20140914_134358   I got Justin’s blanket caught up also. IMG_20140913_201142 This past June, while I was working as a summer school secretary, I met a lady who wanted me to sew together all the doll blankets her daughter had received and make one big quilt.  It went pretty quick and it’s exactly what the woman wanted for her daughter.

Eagle complete



Will completed his Eagle project the first Sat. in June.  He turned his paperwork in right before his birthday in July.  Then he had his board of review Wednesday night before Labor Day.



Monday night his troop honored him for completing his Eagle.  We still need to have an Eagle ceremony for him.

He’s running again



Justin is running cross country again this fall.


This picture was taken last Tuesday.  It was a really warm day.

His first couple of meets he ran kind of slow, but Friday afternoon in the rain and cold, he cut three minutes off his time.



We took in an OKC Energy game before school started.  We got free tickets through OC.  The Energy is a professional soccer team.




It was a fun game.  The game ended in a tie, 0-0.