Our bible class took up a collection of money for us to bring things to the orphanage.  We brought bubbles, side walk chalk, clothes, hats, match box cars, beanie babies, and many other things.  The director of the orphanage is on the far left.



One of the things we brought for the boys is wash clothes that are in a tight ball and when u put them in water they expand to a regular size wah  clothe.    They really enjoyed watching them “grow”.



The little boy that Jemma is talking to is going to be adopted soon!  I was holding the same little boy in the top picture.




The little boy with the glasses loved Justin.  He is probably going to go live with his grandma along with his 2 sisters.  He saw his dad kill his mother, very sad story.


Justin and Jemma enjoying some futbol ( soccer).


This boy is using the bubbles as a soccer ball.



This is some of the other kids after they got home from school and one of the workers.


Good friends.

IMG_20140719_111151 We are in Brazil on a mission trip.  The missionaries we are working with is Robin and Allen Dutton.  Their children are Tyler and Laura.  Tyler will start at OC the same time Will does.  Laura is about 2 months younger than Justin. We have known Robin and Allen since we were students at OC.

Nothing but bull!


This is one of dad’s bulls.  In the past he’s only had black ones.


He still has two black bulls.


Here’s another picture of one of my dad’s bulls.  I just don’t know if this is the same bull as above or not.



Makin’ Hay


When we were on the farm, Jemma and I helped my dad, brother, and my nephew (way up on top) change the belts in my dad’s big round baler.


Jemma is holding on to the rope that is attached to one of the belts.


Before dad could bale the hay he had to rake the rows together.  This also helps to dry the hay out, so it can be baled.


Here is his baler and tractor at work.


This is the bale after it comes out of the baler.


Usually the bales are bigger, but the field he was baling was small and that’s all the hay there was to bale.


Zoo baby


Jemma and I have been to the zoo twice in the last two weeks with my sister and her two children.

This is the baby boy rhino that was born June 21st.





I took a selfie with one of the larikeet.




This bear has a paw across his eyes as if he is stressed out.  I thought it was funny.


My sister and niece checked out the sting rays and very small sharks.



Jemma and I tried to take selfies with my nephew.



They also ride the carousel.


Family Reunion


Over the 4th of July our family went to a family reunion in SW Missouri.  One afternoon my mom,  Justin, Jemma and I walked down to a near by river.IMG_20140704_154200


Justin and Jemma sat with their feet in the water.



Justin decided to check out how deep it was.  It wasn’t very deep.

Our family hasn’t had a reunion in 10 years.  My kids had a good time at the reunion but they had a hard time not doing our regular 4th of July activities in Edmond.


Jemma is learning how to skip rocks at a different location on the river from my dad’s cousins.

Will didn’t go with us because he was working.


Mother’s Day Treat


For Mother’s Day my family gave me M&M’s with a picture of the kids on some of them and the others had sayings on them.  It was a fun gift.

Another project done


This quilt was ready to quilt, just forgot it was ready.  This is my Nutcracker quilt.  I used scraps from all the costumes I made for the Nutcracker, December 2012.


I made these shirts for a set of twins.  The mom didn’t want them matching since, there is a boy and a girl.  The mom is having another set of twins.  This time is is girls.

Cleaning the Bin


One of the projects we do for my parents when we go to the farm is clean out the corn bin.  When it gets so low,  it’s a lot of shoveling.  Jemma helped me do this for the first time.  The boys usually help me.  Bill gets a pass since it bothers his allergies so bad.


We got it emptied out.  Jemma did a great job, worked really hard.


Before we got the bin cleaned out, we had to take a load of corn to town to sell.  The truck gets weighed when it is full.


Then it gets unloaded, and then the truck gets weighed again.   That is how they determine how much corn you have in your truck.


This is how big the corn was on June 9th.  My mom said it was taller than knee high by the 4th of July.  The unwritten rule is that the corn be knee high by the 4th of July.




I got a few things done this last two weeks.


Jemma is always on to me about getting my to do basket emptied.  I made this quilt for a baby that was born last July.  I sent it to him in Alaska in June.


A friend of mine gave me this pattern a couple years ago after I watched her dog for a weekend.  This is a table topper.  It has a stem and leaves at the top but doesn’t show up very well with the navy table cloth.


I got this one done while Jemma was gone to bible camp.  It’s for her.  She was pretty excited I got some of my unfinished projects done.